Mentawara Bancin

Hello everyone, My name is Mentawara Bancin but my friends usually call me Metha or Bancin. Bancin is one of Pakpaknese surname form Sidikalang, western North Sumatra. I was born and grew up in a plantation site in Simalungun region which has some similarities as living here in townsite of Sumbawa. I graduated from School of Foreign Language STBA Pertiwi Jakarta majoring in English Literature and I also got some Bible study and leadership training from my local church in Jakarta. I taught for 2 years in Teach Indonesia School and 6 years in Tunas Bangsa Christian School Jakarta so that I am familiar with integrated Christian curriculum that brought me here teaching Christian religion at SBB. I’ve always wanted to become a teacher since I was 10 years old. The desire has been felt and grown while babysitting, teaching Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, church youth groups, and at church camp. “The heart of education is the education of heart” is my favourite teaching philosophy. I believe that I should teach students to be not only good Christians, but also good citizens – teaching a way of life and forming their hearts. I enjoy singing and travelling. During my free time, sometimes I also enjoy teaching infant massage for parents as I am also a certified infant massage instructor.