Hello all, my name is Suripto and my friends call me Ripto or Ito’. I studied at POLTEKKES Surakarta, in Central of Java. I’m from an Occupational Therapy department in my faculty, I graduated in 2001, before I began work in here. I have worked at five different schools before I worked here at Sekolah Buin Batu  in Sumbawa. I have a small family with  my wife  and daughter. My wife’s name  is Ani, she works in Madania School, Makassar. My daughters name is Nadiya, she studies at Madania School. I think this job is a good way to help students with special needs and collaborate with parents and teachers. My Teaching Philosophy is “Live just one,  so see, enjoy and creative” , “Don’t think  the past live and don’t think future live so be enjoy.”