Counselling Services

“Encouragement is the water that nourishes the seeds of potential. Let us sow it generously in the hearts of our students.”

School Counsellors: Ms. Ana, Pak Ripto, and Ibu Ely

The SBB counseling program alignes with our school’s vision and mission, delivering a holistic approach that resonates with our community’s needs. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive, proactive, responsive, and developmentally-appropriate program that fosters a safer and nurturing school environment.

Our core beliefs underpin every interaction we have with students, colleagues, and families:

  • Embracing and celebrating diversity in all its forms.
  • Believing in the potential for growth and change in every individual.
  • Acknowledging the crucial role of balance and well-being in learning and personal development.
  • Empowering individuals to tackle their own challenges.
  • Prioritizing self-management skills such as self-advocacy, self-expression, and self-care as essential life skills.

The SBB Counseling Program is a collaborative effort, with counselors spanning every division, dedicated to supporting students’ holistic development and achievement. Our counselors, who are highly trained educators in Pg through Year 12 settings, uphold ethical and professional standards to design, implement, and manage comprehensive school counseling programs that foster student success.

Working in close partnership with students, parents, school staff, and the wider community, our Student Support Team addresses the academic and developmental needs of all students. Together, we strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where every student can thrive and reach their full potential.

The counseling department actively interacts with students, community members, and staff through the following avenues:

  • Classroom, individual, and small group counseling sessions.
  • Parent consults and workshops aimed at fostering understanding and support.
  • Providing support during transitions to ensure students’ smooth adjustment.
  • Collaborating with faculty to address student needs and enhance support systems.
  • Integration of occupational therapy (OT) programs to address students’ sensory, motor, and cognitive needs, promoting optimal development and participation in school activities.
  • Offering referrals to internal and external resources as required for additional support.
  • Assisting with future planning, including college and career counseling, to guide students towards their goals.

There are many wonderful resources to support parents and children.  Here we list our favourites.  The Child Mind Institute is an independent, national nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders  EPIC – wonderful library  of online books, all free.  Audible stories to listen to, all free.  Common Sense Media  We all need help navigating the media choices available to our children today. These websites review movies, television shows, video games, and music to help us determine what is appropriate for our children. The website caters to parents, educators, and advocates.  Curiosity is a wonderful site with fascinating information to explore from a range of topics including Mind & Body, Quizzes and Adventure.  Great sites for teenagers  Great site for primary students  Great site for Early Childhood – comprehensive Parent’s Guide to aiding children and teens through mental health issues.  Positive Parenting Tips  Wonderful collection of videos for students. 

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

For further information and support contact:  Ana Isaeva, email:

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops designed to support parents in understanding various aspects of their children’s development, academic journey, and well-being!