After School Activities at SBB  are activities designed and supervised by teachers and parent volunteers for students after school hours.  Many types of academic, physical and arts programs will be available.  Sample activities include, Soccer Club, Badminton Club, Tennis Club, Basketball, Cooking Class, Art Craft, Science Club, Fun English Club, Media Club, Arabic for Kids and Air Guitar Performances, Chess, and Cooking.

These activities are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 15:15 to 16:315 

A detailed list of activities and information is sent to all parents at the start of each term. 


SBB Scouting promotes spiritual, social, intellectual and physical development. Scouting allows students to develop their profile, leadership and life skills.

Activities in this program help students form strong bonds and a sense of cooperation, teamwork, confidence and responsibility. It has been interesting to see that some students have excellent leadership potential, and this becomes obvious as they participate in shared activities.

Student Representative Council is a media for students to live the Learner Profile. The SRC’s mission is to make contribution to local communities.

Student Councilors speak to their classes and discuss council events, who they can help and how they can help them. Often the councilors do fieldtrip surveys to see firsthand what a charity situation is like. They make assessments from these surveys and feedback suggestions to the student council.

The SRC runs regular events like Bazaars, Movie Nights,  Basketball Tournaments and Auctions. These community service events aim to promote awareness of the less fortunate and to raise money to assist them.

SBB facilitate students with meaningful religious activities through Imtaq, Pesantren Kilat, Retreat, Recollection, and Pasraman. Students develop responsibilities in their role and share their knowledge to others during those Religious Activities.

  • Islam
    In the Islamic Imtaq activity they recite the Al-Quran, have sharing sessions and quizzes. The Tilawah activity is aimed at developing student skills and passion in reading al Quran. Through this activity students are encouraged to read Al-Quran using Tajweed.
  • Catholic
    Every Thursday morning Catholic students have special opportunities to gather together in order to reflect more on their relationship with Jesus. They have Bible session and Sharing Session.
  • Christian
    In Christian studies students do some activities to reunite and build faith to God.
  • Hindu
    During Pasraman students will do certain Yoga Asana rituals to create balanced between body, mind and soul. Besides the students internalize Hindu lesson through arts activities such as dance, poetry reading, and paintings.

We are excited to announce that our Middle and High school students will have the opportunity to participate in the “Week Without Walls” program as part of their yearly experiences. This program is designed to provide students with a unique learning experience outside of the traditional classroom setting, allowing them to develop new skills, gain valuable life experience, and broaden their perspective on the world around them.

The “Week Without Walls” program will take place over a one-week period, during 4th term. Students will travel to various locations to engage in a variety of activities and learning experiences. These experiences may include outdoor adventure activities, cultural immersion, service learning, and much more. Our goal is to provide our students with a diverse and well-rounded experience that will enhance their personal and academic growth.

We understand that this may be a new experience for some of our students and families, and we want to assure you that safety is our top priority. We will be working closely with our partner organizations to ensure that all activities are planned and executed in a safe and responsible manner. We will also provide students with guidance prior to their departure on safety matters pertaining to their trip.

We believe that the “Week Without Walls” program will be an incredible opportunity for our students to expand their horizons and gain valuable experiences that will benefit them in their future academic and personal pursuits. We strongly encourage all eligible students to take part in this program.

Previous years locations, provide a good guide as to the types of trips available to students. Here is a sample:

Year 6 Mataram / Lombok

Year 7 Bali

Year 8 Malang, East Java

Year 9 Singapore / Malaysia

Year 10 Singapore

Year 11 Bali

Year 12 Not applicable – exam time