Parent Teacher Association

We strive to build positive, caring relationships with all parents. Our PTA is a great group of dedicated parents. Their work builds a bridge between home and school and provides great support to our teachers.

PTA Representatives for 2023-2024

We are excited to inform you that at the annual meeting of the PTA, the following people were elected office bearers for the 2023-24 school year.
PTA President

Ibu Widya

Vice President

Ibu Jessica


Ibu Yanti


Ibu Sintya

We thank each of the ladies for volunteering their time and energy to support SBB students and teachers.

The following people have accepted the role of Room Parent for this school year:

Playgroup 1

Ibu Winda

Kindy A

Ibu Mei

Kindy B

Ibu Linda

Year 1

Ibu Lia

Year 2

Ibu Jessica

Year 3

Ibu Tika

Year 4

Ibu Nova

Year 5

Ibu Lidya

Year 6

Ibu Sisca

Year 7

Ibu Susan

Year 8

Ibu Heni

Year 9

Ibu Widya

Year 10

Ibu Ici

Year 11

Ibu Astrid

Year 12

Ibu Eet

We highly value the importance of fostering a strong connection between our school, parents, teachers, and students. The PTA plays a very important role in building connections.

We look forward to collaborating closely with the members of the PTA, as together, we work towards creating an enriching environment for our children.

Purpose of PTA

  • Promote an active partnership between SBB parents, teachers and administrators to advance the school’s mission, vision and values
  • Enhance the education of SBB students through co-curricular activities and special events
  • Promote pride in SBB
  • The PTA is not responsible for the management of the school or engage in curriculum and/or policy development.

All parents/guardians of attending students, members of the faculty, and administration of SBB are automatically members of the PTA.

All members can:

  • Participate in all PTA meetings and functions
  • Use all the services offered by the PTA
  • Vote at the election of the PTA

Administration and faculty members are eligible to serve on the PTA Committee as Leadership Representative and Divisional Representative

PTA Guidelines