Indonesian Parent Representative

Firdausi Nuzula

Hello! My name is Firdausi Nuzula. I am the mother of two children who study at SBB. I had 14 years of experience as a teacher, of which 13 years at SBB. In addition, I was also a national facilitator for teachers in NTB. I am currently Chairwomen of Batu Hijau Family Residents Organization (IKANURA). …

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Bapak Anju Sianturi

Hello, my name is Pak Anju Sianturi, as a parent to my three daughters currently attending Sekolah Buin Batu, I am delighted ot be part of the school board and working with other members in setting strategic direction for the school in the coming years. With my background in accounting, I hope I can bring …

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Bapak Sunarto Suwito

Hi everyone, My name is Sunarto Suwito (Sun) and It is an honor & a pride for me to be a member of the SBB Board. With the existing experience, I will give my best for the success of our SBB. There are 3 important elements/roles in achieving our maximum results in SBB: the school …

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