Hello, I’m Leni. My name often sparks curiosity because I don’t have a last name or family name attached to it. As an Indonesian Language and Literature teacher at SBB, I find joy in unraveling the beauty of my native tongue to eager minds.

Hailing from Polewali Mandar in West Sulawesi, my journey into education began with a Bachelor’s degree in teaching and education, specializing in Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia from Al Asyariah Mandar University. My teaching voyage has taken me through the corridors of local high schools in West Sulawesi, Lombok, and now, in Sumbawa Barat.

Beyond the classroom, I find joy in badminton, swimming, and exploring musical instruments. 

They say that travel is the ultimate teacher, and I couldn’t agree more. With each new destination, I unearth invaluable lessons and perspectives. It’s through this journey that I’ve come to cherish the ethos that education’s highest pinnacle is tolerance.

In essence, my passion lies in both teaching and discovering the world, for through exploration, we uncover not just knowledge but the essence of humanity.