Aprilia Rumahorbo

Hello everyone! My name is Aprilia Rumahorbo, but you can call me April. 

I am originated from Samosir, North Sumatra. 

Dogs, swimming, traveling, sunsets, and the sea are some of my favorite joyful things in life.

As for my profession, I am a trained Economics and Accounting teacher, as I got my Bachelor’s degree in Economics Education from Universitas Negeri Medan and a Master’s degree in Teaching Profession from National Chia Yi University, Taiwan. 

Within my previous school, I was assigned to teach IGCSE AS – A Level Economics and Accounting at Tunas Bangsa Christian School, Jakarta.

I love teaching and I consider being an educator is my life passion. 

As an educator, I always believe that students’ minds are not just empty vessels waiting to be filled. 

Each one of them brings their own particular brand of talent and our most important job as a teacher is to discover and empower that talent.