Martina Dirkje Catharina De Glopper

Hello everyone. My name is  Martina de Glopper. I’m from the Netherlands. 

I am very excited to join Sekolah Buin Batu as Diploma Program Coordinator and support the school in the next step towards an IB education. 

I started my career in the Netherlands in a school for special education needs. My first international school experience was in Yogyakarta (YIS). I worked in China (UISZ), India (Woodstock) and Bali (BIS) in various roles such as DP Coordinator, Extended essay coordinator, I’ve taught MYP individuals & societies, supervised personal projects, taught DP history, DP Global politics and Theory of Knowledge. Outside my work for the school I’m accredited as a school visitor for the council of international schools (CIS).  I have a master degree in cultural economics from the Erasmus university, I have a bachelor in social work and a bachelor in history education. 

In my spare time I enjoy cooking as well as traveling and I’m looking forward to explore the eastern parts of this beautiful archipelago further. I will be bringing my partner and cats to townsite soon.