Assalamu’alaikum!  Hi, my name is Farial, my full name is Farial Badawi. I am a  Sumbawanese mixture:  Arabian and Sumbawa.  I am currently teaching in Year 6 as a homeroom teacher.  I am an electrical engineer.  I graduated from the Engineering Faculty in Mataram University.  Later I switched to teaching because I like English and really enjoy teaching.  It gives me great satisfaction to see that through my help students gain new understandings.

Before SBB I worked in ASM Mataram as an lecturer, later I moved to Sumbawa to teach in SMEA Mercury.  Then, in July 2009, I joined the SBB community.  I have a husband, Nazim Rajab and we are blessed with 2 children; a daughter named Rania Azura and a son named Muhammad Razan.  Some of my hobbies are reading, watching movie and travelling.  Even though I am busy with my work, I always try to spend quality time with my family, especially my two young children. So, that even though I am not able to stay with them all the time, they can always feel my presence close to them, helping them them to grow, learn and inquire about new things.