David Andrianto

Hi all! I am David. I started working here in 2011 as a Religion Teacher. I enjoyed being a teacher, but then I was assigned for a new job to support the finance department in 2015. I have a Bachelor Degree of Accounting, which I got from University of Jember. Being here has given me an enriching experience, since I have met many people from all around Indonesia, and even from another countries!. I am thankful to be part of the education of young learners in this school, who I believe will be the leaders of future Indonesia. I love singing very much, along with playing music and video games. Other than that, I just enjoy family time with my wife and my wonderful son. We are happy to live in Sumbawa – it’s like being on vacation, but paid. We enjoy the beaches on this island, which we think are some of the best beaches in the world.