Maria Alaguru

Hello, I am Maria Alaguru and I am a middle/high school teacher with 14 years of IB and Cambridge teaching experience, besides six years in the media industry. I have taught English both as a First and Foreign Language, but also World History, critical thinking and research skills. My home country is Malaysia, so I speak Bahasa Melayu (mirip Bahasa Indonesia) and am bilingual with English, my mother tongue. I am half-Indian and half-Chinese by descent and grew up in multicultural environments, with access to many languages. For me, language acquisition is the beginning of thought, self-awareness and effective communication – to learn a new language is to create a new self and to access an entire culture(s)! To be able to explore, imagine and analyse the world through words, especially Literature, is breathtaking!  I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to live and work in nine countries: Malaysia, Norway, USA, UK, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cambodia, China, Armenia, Indonesia – and to receive an international education (MA, UCL Institute of Education, London; BA, Mount Holyoke College, Mass., USA; CELTA, London; Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Bath, UK; IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning, IBO; candidate for Doctor of Education (Ed.D), Bath, UK). Besides my work, time with family and friends, the outdoors, sport, reading, film, volunteering and spirituality make me happy so I look forward to serving, playing, praying, and learning with you at SBB. Terima kasih!