Parent Payment Policy for School Excursions Purpose: The purpose

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SBB Parent Payment Policy for School Excursions


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for parent contributions towards school excursions and sporting competitions ensuring equitable distribution of costs while providing opportunities for students to engage in valuable educational experiences beyond the classroom.

Week Without Walls (WWW – High School and Middle School):

1. Parents will be responsible for covering the full cost of the Week Without Walls program. This program offers students a unique opportunity to participate in immersive learning experiences outside the school environment. The school will provide detailed information regarding the program’s cost, itinerary, and learning objectives well in advance to allow parents sufficient time to plan and make payments.

Sporting Events:

2. The school will cover the full cost of sporting events, including transportation, accommodation, entry fees, and other associated expenses. It is important for the school to provide equal opportunities for all students to participate in sporting events.. The school will communicate the details of the sporting events, including costs and logistics, to parents in a timely manner.

World Scholars Cup (WSC):

3. The school acknowledges the educational benefits of participating in the World Scholars Cup (WSC) and encourages student involvement. To alleviate the financial burden on parents, the school will cover the registration fees for the preliminary rounds, including the Indonesian and regional rounds. Parents will be responsible for other associated expenses such as transportation and accommodation during these rounds. The school will facilitate the registration process and provide parents with the necessary information.

For the final round of the World Scholars Cup held in the United States, the school will cover the costs, which include travel, accommodation, and registration fees. This support aims to recognize the students’ achievements and provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills at an international level.

The school will ensure transparent and timely communication regarding payment expectations, including deadlines and available financial assistance options.

Community Service in Kabupaten Sumbawa Barat (KSB)

For community service-related excursions within the local KSB, the school will cover the full cost. Community service activities are an integral part of the school’s mission to foster civic responsibility and contribute positively to society. By assuming the financial responsibility for these excursions, the school ensures that all students can participate and make a meaningful impact in their community.

By implementing this parent payment policy for school excursions, the school board aims to ensure fair distribution of costs, facilitate valuable learning experiences, and foster a supportive educational environment for all students.

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