Our School Uniform is the same across the school. Students wear Batik most days, whilst on sports day they are to wear their sports day uniform.
We have the rule ‘No hat —No play’ to help protect our students from the sun.
All students are to wear the appropriate footwear covered black shoes suitable for walking and playing. No flip flops are allowed. The school uniform (except shoes) is available from our campus secretary. For the Batik uniform, fabric is available for purchase, and our Campus Receptionist can advise you of a number of tailors that can make this size.
Black long pants/shorts to the knee (for boys)
Black long skirts/shorts to the knee (for girls)
PSPE Uniforms must be worn during PSPE lessons. Wear hats when playing or doing activities outside. Wear covered shoes with white or black short (ankle) socks which must be visible. Only watches and studs are allowed to be visible. Long hair needs to be tied away from faces.